Lifestyles of the Richie and Famous

January 8, 2007

  Ran into a music publicist at 7a yesterday, right after I had the massive chili burger that was sooo good it almost made me cry.

Hey Sebastian, I know you think steak is the best thing to find in this city, but tell me where the best burgers are and you’ll have my heart forever.

Annnnyway, this is what the publicist tells me that makes me wanna cry:

1.  She saw my ex boyfriend Reed kissing an intern at MTV’s New Year’s party. Ugh.

2. She swears that Sophia has been text messaging Pete Wentz because she met him on the set of a Gap campaign shoot. UGH!

3. She was talking about the new Good Charlotte album that’s set to drop, and she said, “the only thing that could be complicated is that Joel’s dating Nicole Richie.”  OMG so they really are dating?

4. On the bright side, I went to Butterfly Salon this week and got my hair dyed Gwen Stefani Blonde.  New Year’s Resolution #1 – get noticed by someone new – is totally going to work.


Out With the Old…

December 25, 2006

  For 2007, I would like the following things to happen.

I would like to meet some friends who actually value me as a person.  But who are also not dorks. Because being a good friend does not mean you also don’t like to party or add to a burgeoning shoe collection.

I would like a guy to ask me on a nice, normal date that involves some sort of dinner and no sort of hooking up with my best friend in a broom closet.

I would like to get some sort of job, although I realize that this is dubious considering my total aversion to authority and “career sportswear.”

And I would like a trip to the Reading Festival in the UK.  Where Kate Moss and I will meet and become best friends.

That is all.

Jenny, The Survey

December 25, 2006

To: YearOfJenny@yahoo.comFrom:

Subject: Wait a second, how have you managed to get out of taking the Sunset Heat survey?  It’s totally embarrassing but WE all had to do it!  Pony up, babe!
Name: Jenny Dicker
Age: 22
Favorite Color: Yellow.  Even my Birkin is yellow.
Favorite Song: A Certain Romance by Arctic Monkeys, Smile by Lily Allen, Gideon by My Morning Jacket.
Favorite Movie: Almost Famous and DIG!  Actually DIG! for sure because it’s nice to see that there are people who fight as much as me and my friends do.  I also like Clueless a ton.
Favorite Websites: StereoGum, Ultragrrrl,
Favorite Store: I like Bird in Carrol Gardens a lot, and also Min-K in Soho.
Favorite Restaurant: Pure Food and Wine on Irving Place is incredible.
Favorite Hobby: “Band Shopping” on the Lower East Side, soccer in Sheep’s Meadow during the summers, pretending I’m with other people when really I’m alone.
Favorite Place: My brother’s studio in Williamsburg.  It’s far away and warmer.
Secret Wish: I wish Reed would call me and tell me how sorry he is.  I would hang up the phone on him but it would be so worth it.
Not So Secret Wish: To make The Year of Jenny actually matter, even if no other guys are interested in me.
Biggest Achievement: Smiling through a broken heart. Seriously.
You’ll Never Be Without…  My iPod! Duh!

You’re A Mean One, Mr. Grinch

December 25, 2006

(I hate Christmas music but my parents insist on  playing them in the house during the holidays too.  And since we’re part German, our Christmas doesn’t end until twelve days later.

So.  In the name of holiday cheer and SANITY, I’ve downloaded all the “Christmas” songs here.  You should do the same!

Guess The Real Blonde

December 23, 2006

(hint – it’s me.  check out our last episode to see Eva trying to live up to my hair color)

Year of Jenny: The Soundtrack

December 23, 2006

Tonight Sebastian took me out for “an apology dinner” at Butter.  It’s so not my scene but the steak is incredible, and he was all impressed that a girl could take down an entire filet.  I was like, hell yeah, eating is almost as much fun as shopping.  I was a little shocked because, technically, he doesn’t need to apologize for anything, but he said he was SO sorry he hooked up with Sophia at the party.  I don’t really believe him – I mean, if I were a guy, I would totally hook up with Sophia, not to sound gross – but it was sweet he was concerned for my feelings.  Still, do I really want to be friends with him?  I don’t know – he’s smart and he’s cool and he’s hands down the hottest guy I’ve met since Reed, but even though he’s two years older than me, I feel like the grown up here.  And I hate that.  So instead of following him to Double Seven, I went home and made a mix for myself.  Here’s how it went:

Hey Sebastian, are you better than any of these songs?

Didn’t think so.

Reasons to Forgive You

December 19, 2006

Reasons to forgive Eva for sleeping with Reed:

  1. you were drunk
  2. you didn’t mean to hurt me
  3. you’re painfully insecure about your own value and so you sleep with smart guys to try and affirm your intellect
  4.  you’re actually incredibly sorry
  5. I look better than you on TV
  6. You can get me into the YSL Sample Sale
  7. I love you.

Reasons to forgive Sophia for hooking up with Sebastian:

  1. Sebastian and I are so not dating
  2. You both have sub-par taste in music, I mean you listen to Avril on repeat, so you sort of deserve each other
  3. If you didn’t have a boy to hook up with at Eva’s Christmas party, you would have had to engage in meaningful conversation with someone, and I know that’s tough for you
  4. You’ve really tried to be a good friend and that’s amazing
  5. I really love you
  6. Anyway I know you got me a Chanel clutch for Christmas and that’s awesome

Plus, I’m starting to feel WAY too old for this.  New Year of Jenny rule: no more drama.

Yeah, right…

R-O-C-K the U-K!

December 15, 2006

By the way, the British Consulate is having a secret NME party tomorrow night from 6-8 pm, where a ton of British bands are going to go… if I meet Lily Allen, I swear, I’ll cry. 


December 15, 2006

So, I’m thinking of going to Eva’s Christmas party tomorrow.

I know it sounds crazy, but really.  Why should I have to suffer because of Eva?  There will be champagne and cute guys and I can’t let Sophia have Sebastian all to herself.  Plus I just bought this gorgeous little minidress from Catherine Malandrino, and anyway, with everyone talking about Sunset Heat, it might be kind of fun to get some attention.  I bet tons of girls from high school will be there and I’m taller than they are, so that’ll be cool.

 But what do you think – what’s the best way to get through this Christmas party?

a) booze

b) buying the $600 Gucci heels at Bergdorf to go with the shoes

c) getting my brother to get Adrian Grenier to go with me

d) staying home and watching Wedding Crashers instead


With Special Musical Guest…

December 10, 2006

Guess who’s secretly playing at MisShapes next Saturday?

a) We Are Scientists

b) The Oohlas!!!!!!