Instant Messenger – What Dr. Phil Will Never Know

I don’t think people over 30 understand the importance of Instant Messenger, especially the way it relates to relationships.  Here’s a great example:  Reed.  My ex boyfriend.  Who I’m sick of talking about, especially since it violates the key Rules of Jenny, but this is really important.

When Reed and I broke up – sorry, when Reed cheated on me (with Eva, yes, sucks, over the Eva part but not the cheating boyfriend part) and then broke up with me (in a heartless and cruel way, by telling me he was never my boyfriend to begin with, because he’s a lying twit who can’t take responsibility and ugh!), he blocked me from IM.  At first I thought his Sidekick was broken or something, but no.  Later my brother was IMming him and I was like, hold up, Reed is on IM?  Not a great way to find out.  He’s such a jerk!

So this is almost six months ago.  Haven’t seen or heard from Reed since.  Actually doing really well with that fact.  Then yesterday I’m on IM (who am I kidding I am ALWAYS on IM!) and Reed’s name pops up.

Um, excuse me?  Reed?  WTF.

So now I can’t stop checking his away messages (which say lame things, like Arctic Monkeys lyrics that I introduced him to), and every time he signs off, I’m like, OMG did you just block me again?  Or are you just signed off?  I even make Eva and Sophia check THEIR IM buddy list to see if Reed is there.  It’s pathetic.  I want to block him.  But what if he wants to talk to me?  But why should I let him talk to me?  We are SO over.  And he is a terrible person!

But I’ll admit, I still want to talk to him.  I don’t know why or what I would say but it’s making me crazy.

Advice, please.  Eva and Sophia say “block him and get rid of him” and Sebastian says he’s going to Williamsburg to kick his ass at Galapegos but I’d like an objective opinion.


2 Responses to “Instant Messenger – What Dr. Phil Will Never Know”

  1. shawndoom Says:

    dear jenny,

    forget him. you know that’s what you should do, i can tell just by your “blog.”

    our generation seems to confuse “infatuation” with “love,” and unfortunately it’s always the girl that seems to get hurt. and so we have all these broken girls who fall into the same cliches over and over again, wondering what they have to do, wondering what they have to change to finally find “the one.” but i promise you, HE’S out there right now searching for YOU, and when he finds you he’ll love you so much that he’ll find even your biggest flaws beautiful. there will always be people you can see yourself with, but there will only be one you can’t live without.


  2. David Says:

    My Dear Jenny:

    I am sorry to hear that you are struggling with the immature actions of a boy that really hasn’t learned how to treat a lady. My advice would be to block him and not look back. I think that it only continues to create strife inside your soul if you don’t.

    Unfortunately, there are men that are stll boys and they never learned how to treat a lady as she deserves. I was raised in the old fashioned way. I am older than you and yet I would never think of treating you the way this man has.

    Believe me I do know the value of IMing people. Sometimes it is the only way I can get in touch with them.

    If you need to talk or vent just email. I am a great listner and have the broad shoulders to handle the problems of others that God gave to me.

    Have a great day.

    Your friend,


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