Teen Vogue hearts Sebastian

Reasons to be single on Valentine’s Day:

1. So you can have a crazy time with your girlfriends instead.  Eva and I have already made Wavery Inn reservations and given ourselves a $500 shoe budget for the occasion.

2. So you can meet someone at a party that night and never forget your anniversary.  How easy is it to be like “oh, we met on Valentine’s Day?”

3. So you can be an individual and not a clone who feels forced to eat icky candy hearts and settle for some loser just because society says you should.

4.  So you don’t have to agonize over what to buy for someone you don’t even know if you like, and instead you can spend your money on shoes (see reason #1).

Although, if you do have to buy a guy a Valentine’s Day present, it’s cool that Teen Vogue has a little gift guide for that.  And doubly cool they threw in some guy’s Sunset Heat, since clearly like every other girl in New York, they have a huge crush on Sebastian.



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