Lifestyles of the Richie and Famous

  Ran into a music publicist at 7a yesterday, right after I had the massive chili burger that was sooo good it almost made me cry.

Hey Sebastian, I know you think steak is the best thing to find in this city, but tell me where the best burgers are and you’ll have my heart forever.

Annnnyway, this is what the publicist tells me that makes me wanna cry:

1.  She saw my ex boyfriend Reed kissing an intern at MTV’s New Year’s party. Ugh.

2. She swears that Sophia has been text messaging Pete Wentz because she met him on the set of a Gap campaign shoot. UGH!

3. She was talking about the new Good Charlotte album that’s set to drop, and she said, “the only thing that could be complicated is that Joel’s dating Nicole Richie.”  OMG so they really are dating?

4. On the bright side, I went to Butterfly Salon this week and got my hair dyed Gwen Stefani Blonde.  New Year’s Resolution #1 – get noticed by someone new – is totally going to work.


8 Responses to “Lifestyles of the Richie and Famous”

  1. Rebecca Says:

    She is so not texting Pete. He is MINE. I hate her.

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