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I Never Thought I’d Say This, But…

January 27, 2007

I’m actually getting nostalgic for Sunset Heat and our vacation.  So I must really be going crazy.


Instant Messenger – What Dr. Phil Will Never Know

January 27, 2007

I don’t think people over 30 understand the importance of Instant Messenger, especially the way it relates to relationships.  Here’s a great example:  Reed.  My ex boyfriend.  Who I’m sick of talking about, especially since it violates the key Rules of Jenny, but this is really important.

When Reed and I broke up – sorry, when Reed cheated on me (with Eva, yes, sucks, over the Eva part but not the cheating boyfriend part) and then broke up with me (in a heartless and cruel way, by telling me he was never my boyfriend to begin with, because he’s a lying twit who can’t take responsibility and ugh!), he blocked me from IM.  At first I thought his Sidekick was broken or something, but no.  Later my brother was IMming him and I was like, hold up, Reed is on IM?  Not a great way to find out.  He’s such a jerk!

So this is almost six months ago.  Haven’t seen or heard from Reed since.  Actually doing really well with that fact.  Then yesterday I’m on IM (who am I kidding I am ALWAYS on IM!) and Reed’s name pops up.

Um, excuse me?  Reed?  WTF.

So now I can’t stop checking his away messages (which say lame things, like Arctic Monkeys lyrics that I introduced him to), and every time he signs off, I’m like, OMG did you just block me again?  Or are you just signed off?  I even make Eva and Sophia check THEIR IM buddy list to see if Reed is there.  It’s pathetic.  I want to block him.  But what if he wants to talk to me?  But why should I let him talk to me?  We are SO over.  And he is a terrible person!

But I’ll admit, I still want to talk to him.  I don’t know why or what I would say but it’s making me crazy.

Advice, please.  Eva and Sophia say “block him and get rid of him” and Sebastian says he’s going to Williamsburg to kick his ass at Galapegos but I’d like an objective opinion.

Just So You Know

January 27, 2007

The Transcendentalists actually are a punk band, in California:

I bet they live deliberately too.

(and props to the two people who actually appreciate that reference)

Why I’m Not Talking To Sophia Right Now

January 14, 2007

(just watch the video.)

Teen Vogue hearts Sebastian

January 14, 2007

Reasons to be single on Valentine’s Day:

1. So you can have a crazy time with your girlfriends instead.  Eva and I have already made Wavery Inn reservations and given ourselves a $500 shoe budget for the occasion.

2. So you can meet someone at a party that night and never forget your anniversary.  How easy is it to be like “oh, we met on Valentine’s Day?”

3. So you can be an individual and not a clone who feels forced to eat icky candy hearts and settle for some loser just because society says you should.

4.  So you don’t have to agonize over what to buy for someone you don’t even know if you like, and instead you can spend your money on shoes (see reason #1).

Although, if you do have to buy a guy a Valentine’s Day present, it’s cool that Teen Vogue has a little gift guide for that.  And doubly cool they threw in some guy’s Sunset Heat, since clearly like every other girl in New York, they have a huge crush on Sebastian.



January 14, 2007

Anyone in NY without plans: Cassie’s the secret DJ at MisShapes tonight, which should be pretty amazing.  Maybe even as amazing as this ID cover!

Lifestyles of the Richie and Famous

January 8, 2007

  Ran into a music publicist at 7a yesterday, right after I had the massive chili burger that was sooo good it almost made me cry.

Hey Sebastian, I know you think steak is the best thing to find in this city, but tell me where the best burgers are and you’ll have my heart forever.

Annnnyway, this is what the publicist tells me that makes me wanna cry:

1.  She saw my ex boyfriend Reed kissing an intern at MTV’s New Year’s party. Ugh.

2. She swears that Sophia has been text messaging Pete Wentz because she met him on the set of a Gap campaign shoot. UGH!

3. She was talking about the new Good Charlotte album that’s set to drop, and she said, “the only thing that could be complicated is that Joel’s dating Nicole Richie.”  OMG so they really are dating?

4. On the bright side, I went to Butterfly Salon this week and got my hair dyed Gwen Stefani Blonde.  New Year’s Resolution #1 – get noticed by someone new – is totally going to work.