Out With the Old…

  For 2007, I would like the following things to happen.

I would like to meet some friends who actually value me as a person.  But who are also not dorks. Because being a good friend does not mean you also don’t like to party or add to a burgeoning shoe collection.

I would like a guy to ask me on a nice, normal date that involves some sort of dinner and no sort of hooking up with my best friend in a broom closet.

I would like to get some sort of job, although I realize that this is dubious considering my total aversion to authority and “career sportswear.”

And I would like a trip to the Reading Festival in the UK.  Where Kate Moss and I will meet and become best friends.

That is all.


One Response to “Out With the Old…”

  1. awakeonacloud Says:

    🙂 and i would like a trip to NY.

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