Jenny, The Survey

To: YearOfJenny@yahoo.comFrom:

Subject: Wait a second, how have you managed to get out of taking the Sunset Heat survey?  It’s totally embarrassing but WE all had to do it!  Pony up, babe!
Name: Jenny Dicker
Age: 22
Favorite Color: Yellow.  Even my Birkin is yellow.
Favorite Song: A Certain Romance by Arctic Monkeys, Smile by Lily Allen, Gideon by My Morning Jacket.
Favorite Movie: Almost Famous and DIG!  Actually DIG! for sure because it’s nice to see that there are people who fight as much as me and my friends do.  I also like Clueless a ton.
Favorite Websites: StereoGum, Ultragrrrl,
Favorite Store: I like Bird in Carrol Gardens a lot, and also Min-K in Soho.
Favorite Restaurant: Pure Food and Wine on Irving Place is incredible.
Favorite Hobby: “Band Shopping” on the Lower East Side, soccer in Sheep’s Meadow during the summers, pretending I’m with other people when really I’m alone.
Favorite Place: My brother’s studio in Williamsburg.  It’s far away and warmer.
Secret Wish: I wish Reed would call me and tell me how sorry he is.  I would hang up the phone on him but it would be so worth it.
Not So Secret Wish: To make The Year of Jenny actually matter, even if no other guys are interested in me.
Biggest Achievement: Smiling through a broken heart. Seriously.
You’ll Never Be Without…  My iPod! Duh!


4 Responses to “Jenny, The Survey”

  1. Paula Says:

    Ei, Yasmin Brunet!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Essa e a yasmim Brunet!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    This is Yasmin Brunet and she is 15 years old

  4. David Says:


    Here I am again. Felt I needed to address something that you said aboout guys not liking you. To my way of thinking, if all they are interested in you for is the way you look then you don’t need them. You are more than just looks you do have a beautifully functioning mind that needs to be treasured. Your heart and soul needs to be treasured as well. I may be out of line, but there is more to you than the average male your age is seeing. They need to get a grip and a clue to what life is.

    Your friend,


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