Year of Jenny: The Soundtrack

Tonight Sebastian took me out for “an apology dinner” at Butter.  It’s so not my scene but the steak is incredible, and he was all impressed that a girl could take down an entire filet.  I was like, hell yeah, eating is almost as much fun as shopping.  I was a little shocked because, technically, he doesn’t need to apologize for anything, but he said he was SO sorry he hooked up with Sophia at the party.  I don’t really believe him – I mean, if I were a guy, I would totally hook up with Sophia, not to sound gross – but it was sweet he was concerned for my feelings.  Still, do I really want to be friends with him?  I don’t know – he’s smart and he’s cool and he’s hands down the hottest guy I’ve met since Reed, but even though he’s two years older than me, I feel like the grown up here.  And I hate that.  So instead of following him to Double Seven, I went home and made a mix for myself.  Here’s how it went:

Hey Sebastian, are you better than any of these songs?

Didn’t think so.


2 Responses to “Year of Jenny: The Soundtrack”

  1. veritas Says:

    your friend Sebastian sounds like a shady guy,even if you are not togther he seems like he would be a cheater,and by the way sweeeeeeeeeet mix but i would have added one death cab for cutie song to it …


  2. Anonymous Says:

    n3v@ h3ard n0n o’ d3m s0ngz

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