So, I’m thinking of going to Eva’s Christmas party tomorrow.

I know it sounds crazy, but really.  Why should I have to suffer because of Eva?  There will be champagne and cute guys and I can’t let Sophia have Sebastian all to herself.  Plus I just bought this gorgeous little minidress from Catherine Malandrino, and anyway, with everyone talking about Sunset Heat, it might be kind of fun to get some attention.  I bet tons of girls from high school will be there and I’m taller than they are, so that’ll be cool.

 But what do you think – what’s the best way to get through this Christmas party?

a) booze

b) buying the $600 Gucci heels at Bergdorf to go with the shoes

c) getting my brother to get Adrian Grenier to go with me

d) staying home and watching Wedding Crashers instead



2 Responses to “Holidaze”

  1. Rebecca Says:

    A, B and C

  2. veritas Says:

    im a home body so i would have told you to pick d. ,so what did you end up doing?


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