And Then There Were One?

Year of Jenny: Hey I’m running a little late- can we make it 7:30 instead of 7?

Sophia Not Coppola: ???
Year of Jenny: Do you think La Esquina will hold our reservation?

Sophia Not Coppola: OMG I’m so sorry.

Year of Jenny: Sorry about what?

Sophia Not Coppola: I forgot we had dinner plans, I… I think I double booked.

Year of Jenny: Double booked? I thought you weren’t even hanging out with Eva anymore.

Sophia Not Coppola: It’s not with Eva.

Year of Jenny: Oh. Are you going to the Doucette Duvall party at Christie’s first? I can totally meet you there.

Sophia Not Coppola: No…

Year of Jenny: The UGG boutique opening? Come on, you don’t really care about furry boots, do you?

Sophia Not Coppola: No, I guess it’s sort of a date.

Year of Jenny: Really? I didn’t know you were dating anyone…

Sophia Not Coppola: Well… he doesn’t really know it’s a date either.

Year of Jenny: Uh Fatal Attraction much?

Sophia Not Coppola: It’s a friend. But I can cancel if you want, really.

Year of Jenny: Sophia.

Sophia Not Coppola: Really, I can cancel.

Year of Jenny: Sophia. It’s Sebastian, isn’t it.
Sophia Not Coppola: I meant to tell you

Year of Jenny: It’s okay. Whatever. He liked you at Sunset Heat and he likes you now. It’s fine.

Sophia Not Coppola: Wait a second, he liked you on vacation too! And he likes you now, he’s always talking about you whenever you’re around. It’s totally a case of absence makes the heart go faster.

Year of Jenny: Whatever. Go on your date with Sebastian.

Sophia Not Coppola: And what are you going to do?

Year of Jenny: I don’t know, go to Beatrice and play scrabble with Paul and Chloe? Seriously, I’ll be fine.

Sophia Not Coppola: Okay, well wish me luck; I’m trying to take Sebastian to a vegetarian restaurant.

Year of Jenny: Are you serious? WHY?

Sophia Not Coppola: Because Sebastian needs some new inspiration for this painting series he’s doing? And the way to a man’s art is through his stomach.

Year of Jenny: Um.

Sophia Not Coppola: That’s not right, is it?

Year of Jenny: No. In fact, actually, NOTHING is right.

Sophia Not Coppola: Jenny…

Year of Jenny: BYE.


3 Responses to “And Then There Were One?”

  1. A Says:

    You have some really shit friends. :S

  2. Rebecca Says:

    I really, really really hate to be judgemental but maybe you should get some different friends.

  3. veritas Says:

    omg! the more im reading your old post the more im finding that hang out with shady people,shady=bad.and a real bff would look after your well being and your feelings,not look after there own selfs only,and im sure your friends have some nice things about them and they love you but i think you desirve better and people change fast so we have to watch out that, oh the storys i could tell you,but i dont want to bore you with my stories,sorry for the long comment…


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