Drama Club

All About Eva: Hey you never answered my text

Year of Jenny: Yeah, sorry, my brother got really sick after CMJ so I’ve been in Williamsburg a lot making sure he’s okay.

All About Eva: Awwww.

Year of Jenny: So what’s up?

All About Eva: I just think we should talk before Sunset Heat starts airing.

Year of Jenny: Look, I’m over any drama.  We all behaved like bitches, it’s fine.  I didn’t mean to wear the same dress as you and anyway

All About Eva: No it’s not that.

Year of Jenny: You had like a Grace Kelly thing going on and I was thinking more of Hilary Duff.  Look seriously, if I can forgive Sophia for shoving me into a pool

All About Eva: Haha, yeah and aren’t you SO scared of water?

Year of Jenny: SO scared.  Ever since I was little.  The only thing that belongs in H20 is Crystal Light mix.

All About Eva: Seriously.

Year of Jenny: It was like a Top Model challenge gone bad.  Ew.  So tell me.  What’s so wrong?

All About Eva: It’s not so easy.

Year of Jenny: Okay, um, let’s try this: is it a Brian Jonestown Massacre versus Dandy Warhols problem or is it a Gwen Stefani versus No Doubt problem.

All About Eva: My language please?

Year of Jenny: Paris versus Lindsay scuffle that ends up working out easily?  Or Paris versus Nicole fight that ruins everything but there’s hope?  Or Paris versus Mary Kate fight that’s just bitter and awful.

All About Eva: I guess that’s up to you.

Year of Jenny: Scary. Well then I guess we should meet and talk about… whatever you need to talk about.  Tomorrow?  Clinton Street Baking Co?

All About Eva: Fine, I’ll trek to the Lower East Side to see you.

Year of Jenny: You’re such a brat.

All About Eva: You have no idea.  See you later, Paris.

Year of Jenny: No way! I am so not Paris, you are!

All About Eva: I know I’m more Paris than you, but the only celeb you’re really like is Mary Kate.  And if it’s a Paris and Mary Kate problem…

Year of Jenny: Okay what is going on?

All About Eva:  See you tomorrow!


One Response to “Drama Club”

  1. Rebecca Says:

    She slept with your boyfriend!
    I’m getting the feeling this whole blog thing is fake to publiscise the tv show.

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