Sebastian Isn’t Warhol (or even that guy from The Horrors)

SophiaNotCoppola: Is that one of Sebastian’s drawings?

YearOfJenny: Yeah, it’s a little… um… odd. Is that girl supposed to be me?

SophiaNotCoppola: I think so. He must really like you. He drew you naked and crying with little broken hearts spilling all over you. That just screams second date.

YearOfJenny: Whatever, at least I had a first date!

SophiaNotCoppola: Oh, no honey, I didn’t mean that in a mean way. This is really flattering. You know some famous artist in like the nineteen hundreds said Ars Longa, Vita Brevis – art is long and manicures are short. You should totally take this as a compliment.

YearOfJenny: Okay, but who is that other girl he’s with? That Chanel dress looks like Eva’s!

SophiaNotCoppola: Whatever, who cares who it is? Look at the picture of you – you look so thin. What else matters?

YearOfJenny: Yeah, and didn’t you say I look thin on the TV trailers too? When do I get to see that?

SophiaNotCoppola: Soon! I promise!

ps, if you want Sebastian’s side of the story, I guess you should read his blog.


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