I Want U Back

My brother just gave me a Sidekick – big problem, I can IM my friends everywhere now. Today when I was supposed to be reviewing his new LA band named The Oohlas, Sophia kept IMming me. Bad idea. Here’s how it went:

Sophia Not Coppola: Hey babe! How r u?

Year of Jenny: Good, superbusy with work.

Sophia Not Coppola: Whatever, just make sure you’re working on the Year of Jenny tasks.

Year of Jenny: Promise. I read in Allure today that ginger is good for depression so I put it on all my sushi during lunch.

Sophia Not Coppola: OMG you are so cute. So I was hanging out with Sebastian last night and he told me this hysterical breakup story. He was in the Guggenheim and he saw this naked photo of his then-girlfriend and he totally discovered she was cheating on him just from that! Doesn’t that sound sort of like your ex boy and the music video?

Year of Jenny: Wait, you were hanging out with Sebastian last night?

Sophia Not Coppola: Yeah of course, he calls me all the time. That’s okay, right?

Year of Jenny: Whatever.

Sophia Not Coppola: OMG I’ve upset you. I totally have. We need to erase it. This calls for a martini.

Year of Jenny: Blech.

Sophia Not Coppola: Jenny. Guys love girls who love vermouth. Come on, he who hesitates is a loser.

Year of Jenny: That’s not how it goes.

Sophia Not Coppola: Whatever. First Eva gets sick and can’t come out and now you’re depressed. Oh, the humility! Seriously don’t be depressed. If you lose any more weight you’ll look like Kate Bosworth.

Year of Jenny: Byeeeeeeeeee.

Sophia Not Coppola: Vermouth! It’s a new rule, babe.

(whatever. anyone going to the Stones afterparty tonight?).

Love love love me.


One Response to “I Want U Back”

  1. shelbycockrell Says:

    Yikes. I think I’d be in trouble if I had one of those too.

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