Welcome to the Year of Jenny!

Hi, I’m Jenny.  This is my website.  My friend Sophia made me start it to prove that you can get over any guy and live to tell about it – or I guess broadcast it online.  It’s cool, I’m actually psyched because this guy wrecked my heart, and I wouldn’t want any other girl to feel that way. So just in case you are feeling that way, or veering towards it, here are the rules that Sophia and I made up.  Okay, Sophia made them up; my commentary is below:

1.    Love is a Battlefield.  Sex is okay though.
(Yeah but what if I meet The One during The Year of Jenny?  Can you really control timing with true love?  I don’t think so… especially after some of the talks I had on the beach last week.  Ugh.)

2.    No hoodies allowed – always look twice as glam as the crowd.
(Right now I’m wearing a Miu Miu sheath over jeans and Chloe wedges that I definitely stole from Sophia that she’s definitely not getting back.  In fact, I think the only way I can be “twice as glam as the crowd” is by stealing Sophia’s clothes whenever necessary.  I think this rule is quite good, actually.)

3.    Don’t ever mention your ex in public!  That includes around Eva.
(That’s fine, I’m sick of talking about him anyway… but Eva must be more sick, because whenever I mention him, she looks like she wants to throw up.  Actually, that’s like the permanent expression on her face lately… maybe she’s practicing to become disaffected and jaded?  That would be funny.  Go for it, Eva.)

4.    Say yes to any offer that sounds halfway pleasurable
(Uh, so this is why I’m going to see Marie Antoinette tonight even though I saw the preview last weekend at the Kirsten party?  Okay.  I will go to the movies with you, Sophia, because it sounds like a 50% chance of a good time.  But I will also go on a date tomorrow night with a certain someone because that sounds like way more than 50% of a good time… even if you do like him too… wow, okay, this Year of Jenny is totally starting to make sense now…)

love love love me.


One Response to “Welcome to the Year of Jenny!”

  1. Nicole Says:

    This is totally strange and weird, but somehow your friend Sebastian found me on myspace and thus led me to read your blog. I don’t know why I’m doing this exactly but I just had my heart torn apart and it is really uplifting to see how you’re getting through it all.

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