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Swear to Shake It Up if You Swear to Listen…

October 31, 2006

Last night Sophia gave me a new Year of Jenny rule:  I must ask out a guy.  Yeah right.  I can’t even ask the delivery guy for extra soy sauce, and now I’m supposed to be like, hey want to date me?  Not to the delivery guy, obvs, although knowing Sophia, I wouldn’t put it past her.

Still, I guess this is a pretty good time to ask a guy out, especially since it’s CMJ so there will be tons of music guys crawling around… Sophia says no music guys, but what does she know?  I mean she totally has a crush on my brother, so why not?

Anyway I thought I did a great job of meeting guys while we were on vacation.  Even though my heart was totally broken and I couldn’t stop thinking about Reed and I still have no idea why he dumped me and I’m going a little insane, I managed to flirt like hell with Sebastian.  Almost had him too.  Grrr.  So I guess I’m not totally hopeless, and do you know at Shop on Ludlow the other day, some girl was like, “hey, aren’t you that girl with the blog?”  I was like, are you serious? Maybe what Sophia says is true, “No fame, no gain.”  Ha.

I still don’t know if/ how I’m going to have the guts to do this, but I made a list of the best places in the city to meet guys – if you have any to add, please let me know.

Thursday Nights at The Annex
The Stolen Transmission party is crawling with gorgeous boys, but I feel like most of them are already taken!  Like Brandon from Nightmare of You is going out with Ultragrrrl (sigh) and the Art Brut boys are all totally in love with Karen and Michael from Stellastarr has a girlfriend and Andy Carlson is always with five different underage flavors, but still – it’s more loaded than a Laguna Beach casting call.  Now I just need to have the guts to talk to them.

Barnes & Noble at Lincoln Center
Oh my gosh I have such a weakness for jazz musicians and minor celebrity theater boys and they’re all here; once I even saw Billy Crudup although now ever since the whole Claire Danes thing it’s like ew ew ew.  Still, it’s my favorite place for an Ethan Hawke sighting and, um, hopefully some guys that haven’t cheated on their gorgeous starlet girlfriends with grossness.

Stereo on MisShapes Wednesday
If you like your boys in jeans skinner than you are, this is a good bet, and the music is great, and it’s also one of the only places I’ve taken Sophia that she hasn’t hated – of course, she crawled off with Bijou and Nicky all night, but that’s okay because I sat with Charlotte Ronson and we talked about her next batch of Tooshies and she introduced me to her brother Mark who is SO HOT.  Now if only he lived on this coast…

Private Men’s Club at Black & White on Tuesdays
The Olsen girls are always here and it’s fun to stare at them, and also this boy who runs the party, Rob Hitt, is sort of adorable – he was in that video on MTV?  Where the boy wears a knit bunny hat and makes sad faces?  That’s him.  I’m still too shy to talk to him but one day.  Also, Bono was there two weeks ago, but uh, he’s taken.

Another Music on West 4th St.
I met Reed here.  Sigh.  But I would still go back, I mean, they have so many amazing albums an it’s so small that it’s easy to talk to people.  Also, they sold out of my brother’s album in like two days, so I’ll always love them.

Any places I left out?  Sorry if this post is a little unfocused but last night I couldn’t stop thinking about Reed and I cried and I cried… I finally had to drag myself out of bed and watch Frasier reruns.  It was bad.  Anyway… The Year of Jenny must continue!


You Give Me Fever

October 30, 2006

oooh my gosh, bright light fever is a featured myspace artist today.   further proof that sarah l. rules the world… or at least, everywhere south of fourteenth street… the nice thing is, Bright Light Fever is actually awesome.  Hey Sarah, are they also single?

I Want U Back

October 27, 2006

My brother just gave me a Sidekick – big problem, I can IM my friends everywhere now. Today when I was supposed to be reviewing his new LA band named The Oohlas, Sophia kept IMming me. Bad idea. Here’s how it went:

Sophia Not Coppola: Hey babe! How r u?

Year of Jenny: Good, superbusy with work.

Sophia Not Coppola: Whatever, just make sure you’re working on the Year of Jenny tasks.

Year of Jenny: Promise. I read in Allure today that ginger is good for depression so I put it on all my sushi during lunch.

Sophia Not Coppola: OMG you are so cute. So I was hanging out with Sebastian last night and he told me this hysterical breakup story. He was in the Guggenheim and he saw this naked photo of his then-girlfriend and he totally discovered she was cheating on him just from that! Doesn’t that sound sort of like your ex boy and the music video?

Year of Jenny: Wait, you were hanging out with Sebastian last night?

Sophia Not Coppola: Yeah of course, he calls me all the time. That’s okay, right?

Year of Jenny: Whatever.

Sophia Not Coppola: OMG I’ve upset you. I totally have. We need to erase it. This calls for a martini.

Year of Jenny: Blech.

Sophia Not Coppola: Jenny. Guys love girls who love vermouth. Come on, he who hesitates is a loser.

Year of Jenny: That’s not how it goes.

Sophia Not Coppola: Whatever. First Eva gets sick and can’t come out and now you’re depressed. Oh, the humility! Seriously don’t be depressed. If you lose any more weight you’ll look like Kate Bosworth.

Year of Jenny: Byeeeeeeeeee.

Sophia Not Coppola: Vermouth! It’s a new rule, babe.

(whatever. anyone going to the Stones afterparty tonight?).

Love love love me.

MySpace or Yours?

October 25, 2006

I’ve given in and gotten a MySpace page – Sophia says it’s a good way to check up on guys I’m dating. Of course, those guys will all think I’m pathetic if I don’t have tons of friends, so add me to your pages and I’ll send you air kisses from TRL… oh yeah, my brother’s band is going on TRL!!!

love love love, me.

Welcome to the Year of Jenny!

October 23, 2006

Hi, I’m Jenny.  This is my website.  My friend Sophia made me start it to prove that you can get over any guy and live to tell about it – or I guess broadcast it online.  It’s cool, I’m actually psyched because this guy wrecked my heart, and I wouldn’t want any other girl to feel that way. So just in case you are feeling that way, or veering towards it, here are the rules that Sophia and I made up.  Okay, Sophia made them up; my commentary is below:

1.    Love is a Battlefield.  Sex is okay though.
(Yeah but what if I meet The One during The Year of Jenny?  Can you really control timing with true love?  I don’t think so… especially after some of the talks I had on the beach last week.  Ugh.)

2.    No hoodies allowed – always look twice as glam as the crowd.
(Right now I’m wearing a Miu Miu sheath over jeans and Chloe wedges that I definitely stole from Sophia that she’s definitely not getting back.  In fact, I think the only way I can be “twice as glam as the crowd” is by stealing Sophia’s clothes whenever necessary.  I think this rule is quite good, actually.)

3.    Don’t ever mention your ex in public!  That includes around Eva.
(That’s fine, I’m sick of talking about him anyway… but Eva must be more sick, because whenever I mention him, she looks like she wants to throw up.  Actually, that’s like the permanent expression on her face lately… maybe she’s practicing to become disaffected and jaded?  That would be funny.  Go for it, Eva.)

4.    Say yes to any offer that sounds halfway pleasurable
(Uh, so this is why I’m going to see Marie Antoinette tonight even though I saw the preview last weekend at the Kirsten party?  Okay.  I will go to the movies with you, Sophia, because it sounds like a 50% chance of a good time.  But I will also go on a date tomorrow night with a certain someone because that sounds like way more than 50% of a good time… even if you do like him too… wow, okay, this Year of Jenny is totally starting to make sense now…)

love love love me.

The Year of Jenny Starts Now!

October 17, 2006

You know what that means… Cherry Garcia!